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Lucian Matis Fall/Winter 2012

Lucian Matis opened Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion week off site at the Fairmount Royal York hotel. As guests arrived they were treated to champagne while they waited for the magical doors to open and we would all be seated. While we were taking our seats I noticed that the atmosphere was high in energy because everyone knew something amazing was about to start. The show was set up to such a large scale it reminded me of Marchesa, the first show I attended years ago. The doors opened on our left, amazing music blaring from the speakers and Lucian’s brilliant work started strutting down the catwalk. He started off with a theme that carried off in the week with Bird feathers. Other designers had tried pulling it off but not as well as Lucian!

“The lines in nature can travel, swirl and conjoin. These natural patterns are nature’s expression and purpose,” explained Matis.,”My designs have adapted and evolved through colors and shapes; the grace in movement which this planet and nature must play out from minute to minute, birth to death and, most importantly, the beauty in attraction.”

Photos press here

This collection by far was the best work I have seen Matis put down the runway, also better than most of Fashion week as well. All black attire dripping with amazing hand woven detail and feathers, there was something for every woman and all kinds of different occasions. Lots of great stuff that I would use for my clients for Red carpets, Balls etc.… I styled one of my clients Gabrielle Miller in Lucian Matis and brought her to the show she looked dashing and even ended up in the Toronto Sun. (See below) Lucian is a Toronto based designer international known for his amazing work after he appeared on the design show Project Runway Canada.



Lucian Matis Holiday Sale


December 4-5

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xo Kevin


Lucian Matis Sample Sale!!


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Lucian Matis Spring/Summer 2011


Lucian Matis show night was just brilliant and breathtaking. I always love seeing his shows because I always see a hint of McQueen, but in his own unique Matis way. His collection was so well put together and you can really see how well he knows a woman’s body and how the pieces flow to show off the woman’s amazing shape. From all the Fashion weeks up to now and all the shows for Spring/Summer 2010 we are really seeing some really bold colours and I am really excited to see how it will all pan out. I hope you enjoy the video and pictures below and fall in love with this BRILLIANT collection. Also we cannot forget Candice and Alison  luxury events always know how to put on a great event or show!!


XOXO Kevin