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Mélissa Nepton Fall/Winter 2012

Melissa Nepton is one of those promising designers with a big future that has just emerged onto the scene. We first saw her when she was on the TV show “La Collection,” and was voted into the finals by the judges.  Then she went on as an exchange student to the École Nationale Supérieure des arts Décoratifs in Paris, from there she went on to become a designer and buyer later in Montreal.

I was very excited to see this Fall/Winter 2012 collection by Melissa. Such a great mix of textures and big collars, her wool and knits where just MAGNIFIQUE.  We saw such a great selection of Grey, White, Carmel and a little turquoise.  Noelly (AKA miss SLY) said “The silk ponytail sported by the models almost had an equestrian feel to it all.” Also the great mix of hush puppies foot wear put it all together well.


Photos by Jimmy Hamelin