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When I first received the Playbook, I can’t help saying that I was mildly disappointed with its limited capabilities. It had great features the most impressive was the video quality which is very good with its high resolution 1080p playback, and it has an HDMI out so it can be attached to a larger monitor or your television. Missing from it was native email, a calendar app and it had limited apps to choose from. So with millions of others I waited with anticipation for the update to the operating system.  So when version 2.0 was finally released I was quite impressed and have to thank Research in Motion for fixing the omissions from the original release with great upgrades.  Before if you didn’t have a Blackberry phone to bridge with it the tablet was basically useless, but the upgrade solved that and it is now a standalone tablet that I use every day. The biggest improvement brought by version 2.0 is the integrated email app, which is very good. It can access multiple email accounts, (also Facebook and Twitter) with ease, and has a great interface.  Another great improvement was the capabilities to download Android apps. More good news for us is that RIM is releasing the next Playbook August 9 with 4G LTE connectivity.  Let’s hope this will help RIM get back to the top again. Thanks RIM for this great PlayBook and Edelman Canada