Native Fashion


Planet IndigenUS and are pleased to present  a self-titled exhibit
Native Fashion Show: A live look at modern styles and cultural concepts.
On Saturday August 18th at 3PM on the WiiJiiNiiJii Stage at Torontos’ Harbourfront, Indigenous Models will be showcasing the following Fashion Designers:
TAWNTO- For the Brave, Bold and Beautiful
Artistic Director Charm Logan presents a luxurious new collection named GIIZIS BIISH 2013. Meaning Sun and Water and entails lots of vibrant turquoise, shiny gold, silk, chiffon and vintage textiles.
Photographer and Fashion Designer, Bruno will be featuring his high end couture leather dress and evening wear. Made entirely of sustainable products and high quality craftsmanship
Swirling Wind…Identifying a people
“Hey check her out, she’s got her Indian on!”
This is a show you do not want to miss so bring the whole family for a free and fun event.