Marie Saint Pierre Fall/Winter 2012


Marie Saint Pierre has been a master leading designer almost 25 years now.  She is very well known for her Fashion-Forward pieces with well-crafted, detailed and unique colours. She was one of the most anticipated designers showing this season at Montreal Fashion Week. The energy was quite high as you entered the runway, that had very cold and lurry music. A girl began spinning on a machine at the beginning of the runway and then it all began.

She started it off with short film choreography, featuring a muse as a mannequin showing the divine new collection. The show was very dark with lots of black with the odd pops of colour that included this yellow dress that had a kind of black cropped jacket that was almost looked bird like. There a lot of ruffled pieces that looked like feathers.   It was an impressive collection that captivated me and everyone around me during the show. “A true artist” most people would say as we were all leaving and chatting about day one.



Photos by Jimmy Hamelin